Activities we do and services offer

EU Co-funded projects

We actively engage with Erasmus+ and other EU co-funded programs to cultivate the personal and professional growth of young leaders and educators.

Through these collaborative efforts, we are able to enhance the skills and competencies of young leaders and educators, enabling them to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

Our dedication to fostering the growth of individuals within the EU underscores our commitment to creating a stronger, more inclusive society.

We specialize in assisting students with their applications to study at universities in the EU countries. Each applicant receive guidance for making informed career choices as well.

Our expertise and connections with universities significantly enhance the chances of all applicants in securing admissions to their desired Bachelor and Master study programs or short terms courses. Our approach ensures accuracy and success throughout the application process, equipping students with the necessary knowledge and resources to excel in their academic pursuits.

Study Admissions in EU
NGO Accelerator

Our team specializes in assisting small and average-sized NGOs in enhancing their growth through digitalization. We provide them with valuable support in accessing various tools and software necessary for their operations.

Our aim is to empower these organizations by enabling them to leverage the advantages of digital technologies and enhance their overall efficiency and effectiveness.

By offering assistance and facilitating access to necessary resources, we are committed to contributing to the success and impact of these NGOs in their respective fields.